Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

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Isn't that a beautiful promise from God's Word? A nice reminder as we begin a new year.
Don't you wonder what God's plans are for you this year? Do you have a sense of excitement about what He is going to do in your life, the lessons He has, the journey He will take you on?
Aren't you glad we can have a hope and a future with Him? I am.
It's a quiet evening for us. Hubby was working on his computer and now snoozing in his chair! I've been catching up on some blog reading. Earlier I made some hand stamped thank you notes, or I should say, I have started some. I must go finish them soon and pick up my mess. I'm not so sure I will be able to stay up to see the New Year in as I usually do. I must be getting old, but it's just over an hour away now.

I have not made any resolutions. The ones I've made in the past, I usually fail at, so why set myself up for failure??! Of course there are things I hope to accomplish.

I love to read inspirational fiction. Not "fluff" books, but those that have a message, a challenge, an encouraging word. For the past few years I have been telling myself that I should read more non-fiction. I am thinking that for every fiction book I read, I need to read a non-fiction one. I certainly have plenty sitting in my bookcases. Why buy them if I am not going to read them? Osmosis hasn't happened yet, and I don't expect it will!

I have many, many handcraft projects started.... it would be nice to finish some of them.

Of course, I have spiritual goals as well. I would like to be a better pray-er. I would like to read the Bible through in 1 year - not the 4 that it has taken me (and I still am not done). I like reading it in chronological order and will plan to do that again. This plan looks a bit different than my Chronological Bible and I can use a regular Bible for it. I hope to get myself onto a schedule now that I am teaching so I can set time aside to lead a ladies Bible study again. We need that time together.
I'm sure there are other things I will think of later. Most of all, I was Jesus to be seen through me. I want to be a shining light for Him. I want the children I teach, and the teachers I am in contact with, and others to know there is something different in my life.
How about you? Do you have special goals or resolutions for 2008? May God bless you and may He be glorified through us. ~

Friday, December 28, 2007

From My House to Yours

Even though Christmas Day is over, I still have my tree, lights and decorations up. Often I keep them up until Epiphany, Jan. 6. In recent years I have been taking them down on New Year's Day, symbolizing a new start. I thought I would share a photo of Christmas at our house.
Although I have been on "vacation" for a week, I am just now getting around to visiting some of my favorite blogs. I look forward to Fridays when Kelli hosts the Show & Tell. I enjoy looking at special things others share. You can see what I shared today at my other blog. I will give you a hint - jewelry made by my cousin. Go have a look!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Celebrating our family Christmas

It's been awhile since I have been able to post. The past 2 and a half weeks have been packed with gift preparations and subbing (full time) in a fourth grade classroom. I love teaching, but the days aren't long enough! Then I come home, correct papers and fall asleep! It's not a very interesting life, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to teach.

We celebrated out family Christmas today since my DIL has to work Christmas Day. I bought very little and made various things personalized for the person getting the gift. Since I read a Calvin Coolidge quote a few weeks ago, “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” and being convicted that our gift giving needed to change, I have had a more peaceful heart.

I do admit that I was stressing a bit about getting things done for today, especially since my dh was called out to a fire for a few hours and was not able to help with some things as planned. But, the day turned out fine, of course, and everyone has gone home. Now I look forward to a few peaceful, quiet days. My dh & I have never had a Christmas day alone, so that will be different. Our neighbors will come over for coffee and coffeecake in the later morning as has become our own personal tradition. It's nice. Though we live right next door, some time we get so busy that we don't visit together for months, so this is a special time for us.

I'm ready to crash now, but thought I would use this opportunity to get caught up. May your coming days be filled with peace, love and joy.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Show and Tell Friday

Please visit what I am sharing this week here at my Stamp, Stitch, Scrap 4JOY blog. It's is something that I treasure and got me into one of my hobbies.

I may not blog as often as I would like. I am not substitute teaching full time for three months in a 4th grade classroom. I enjoy it, but I come home exhausted! I pray my fibro flare will subside and am relying on God's strength to get me through each day.... especially when I stay after school until 4:30 or 5pm to get things done and get my mind settled. Today I stayed to put up a December bulletin board and to put up the Christmas tree and get lights on it. I'm glad that we can put up a Christmas tree in the classroom and call it that!

So, if you don't hear from me, you will know why. :-)
Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thinking about Gifts

Today someone asked me if my Christmas shopping is done. I stopped to think. I honestly don't know. Because I am making many gifts, or had some bought ahead, or am using prints of my own nature photos for gifts, I really don't know what I need to buy. Buying hasn't been high on my list this year. Oh, I did buy a set of pots and pans for my mom, which she needed and will like because they are red, but I don't have a buying list. The thought on my mind most of all this year is this: the best gift is LOVE. LOVE = TIME.

It may be time spent on making something special for someone. It might mean taking the time to write a letter or make a phone call. It might the time it take to stop by and have that Cup of Christmas Tea with someone you haven't seen in awhile. each year our pastor reads that poem to us, challenging us to go out and visit a neighbor, a relative, someone in need, etc.

My son & wife have asked for Lowes gift cards because they are remodeling their first home. I would like to add some "coupons" to that to gift: a gift of our time to help with whatever project they have going. As a young married couple, they are busy and may not come see us as much as we would like, and might not think about how important time is, but I want to model that for them. We are willing to give our time, because that is an expression of our love to them.

So that is what's I've been musing about .... Christmas .... gifts .... love .... time ... and tea!

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Snowy Day in Maine

It's a good day to be inside and relax. Relax?? Ha! I have so many thngs I need to do, but I must say I have been blessed by visiting some new blogs today.
It is so nice to meet other Christian ladies and be encouraged by them. Sharon is hosting a giveaway. Jackie shares what Christmas is like in Paraguay. Jen shared a couple days ago about a very special doll her daughter received and the precious memories attached to it. Diana has a very cheery Christmasy website and I love her nature photos. Michelle shows some of the projects she and her her husband have been working on. Ginny posted a new ornament she finished cross stitching. Very pretty. I like checking in on Katy, their MinPin since my son & wife have a MinPin puppy (Macey).
Well, I must get to my own To Do list and enjoy the snowy weather and Christmas music.

I will leave you with photos of my "Grandpets". I hope to get to see them again soon.
Sager - a tiger kitty is a handsome boy. He is maybe 6 months old or so. He came from a shelter and has a broken or chipped bone in one leg. (I'm not remembering the exact injury). Sager had the house to himself for a few weeks and then along came Macey - she's a pretty girl. She may have been the runt oof the litter, weighing in a 3 pounds at 9 weeks old, but she has Attitude!