Tuesday, August 26, 2008

summer's end

Teachers have returned to school; tomorrow will be the first day for students. The beginning of sschool symbolizes the end of summer, yet we are just now getting some good summer weather! I am glad I am just a substitute teacher. I am not ready to return to school. I am trying to go off an anti-depressant.... I'm not sure if it was working as it should have; I'm not sure if I should go off it now....

There is so much to do - not just things that should be done like the normal household chores, but fun things - crafting things, yet I sit or read or do nothing. I have much I want to do, but the motivation isn't there.... I can just sit and look at life around me - the trees, flowers, birds, etc. Why? I don't know. Why am I even writing this?? Who cares? I guess that is why I have been so quiet here. I don't have much to share, or if I do, I don't have the follow through to do it. I haven't got any great words of wisdom or encouragement or comfort. I haven't got any deep thoughts to share.... OK, I will share this:
I have been reading Ezekiel as I try to continue reading through the Bible this year. I have been reading a lot of fiction about the Amish. I think I am drawn to the quiet, peaceful, non-materialistic, simplictic lives they lead. Two books I have recently finished are Hidden by Shelley Shepard Gray and Anathema by Colleen Coble. They both dealt with domestic abuse (not within the Amish families) too. I went shopping with a friend yesterday and we found some wonderful buys on flowers. I bought over $80-90 worth of flowers & 2 shrubs for $16.00!! Now I have some color on my front steps. On the way home we stopped to take pictures of flowers that look so pretty. Does anyone know what these are?
8/27 - Thank you Sarah for letting me know the name of these flowers..... Cleome or Spider Flower. Yeah! I'm so happy to know!!!!