Saturday, March 7, 2009

Home from Haiti

I have so many thoughts and memories - it's hard to put into words, so I will share some of the 900 photos I took. LOL!!
We visited Terrier Rouge, Ouvray, Danda, Juchereau, Roche Platte, Paulette, and Phaeton.

daily life in Terrier Rouge

beautiful scenery

I just love this little guy and hope to sponsor him.

road near Danda

measuring students - one part of our job there - to update their records for sponsors

a cobbler we met a couple times

some of the school children we worked with

having fun blowing bubbles

on the road to Ouvray (the truck broke down)

loving on the kids - they are both sound asleep!

the Saturday feeding program - many hungry children. 150 were fed one Sat. and 162 the next.

meeting my mom's sponsored girl

they are so cute!

singing with the girls

so content - both of us!