Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Walking down Memory Lane

I thought I would post a link here to my other blog on the topic of paper dolls! I hope you will take a look and share your favorite childhood activity.

Blessings ~ J-ME

Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting - our right, our freedom

I am thankful that we have the right to vote in this country. We have had many freedoms. I wonder if because we take them for granted, we will be shocked when we begin to lose our freedom bit by bit.

Despite the thankfulness, I will be glad when tomorrow is over.... over the past few elections, I have not had complete trust and faith in any of the candidates. I know who I will vote for this time, even though I may not agree with all he represents. I will vote for what is right morally. How can I vote for someone who does not value human life? I don't understand how he can claim to be a Christian. How can I vote for someone who has attended and supported a racist church? Oh, yes, he has great speeches and great ideas, but that scares me. I see how easy it will be when the Antichrist comes and how people will be taken in by what sounds good rather than what is good and right.

I believe wholeheartedly that God is in control and that gives me peace. I know that He already knows who will be our next president. I also know that as God sent famines and other difficult times to the Israelites when they turned from Him. America is not exempt from chastisement. Perhaps this will be our time of "famine". I hope not. We already see spiritual famine throughout our land as morals drop lower and lower.... how far will we allow them to go?

One thing I just need to vent about as it has been going through my mind over and over. I hate how the media and many in our nation have been pointing fingers and blaming President Bush for all our economic woes..... have they forgotten September 11, 2001? Was that Bush's fault? Hardly. Our economy took a nosedive as a result of that dreadful day. And then in 2004, there was a change in Congress, so how can all the fault be laid at Bush's feet??

I have other thoughts that bother me: who is really funding one of our candidates? is there a connection between the events of 9-11 and contributions now? could it have been a ploy to make America more dependent upon foreign countries and products - forcing even more of our jobs overseas and causing Americans to lose jobs and become poorer (so they will be attracted to the Marxist theology that is being offered)?

Hmmmmmm...... just musing ......