Friday, February 26, 2010

12 days and counting!!

Our trip was recently in our local paper.... praying for funds for the orphanage and feeding program.  I hope people will also check out the sponsorship program too.  It is blessing to have the freedom to have this printed.  Funny, I don't think about myself as a "missionary" and was surprised that the writer used the word.  I expected it to say "Two Teachers plan trip to Haiti"!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Returning to Haiti

Yes, it's true! I will be going back to Haiti March 11 to March 23.  I will be going back to northern Haiti and working once again with His Hands for Haiti. We will be updating children in the sponsorship program and we will also be taking in needed funds for food, clothing and other needs for those refugees from Port au Prince who are seeking help from Pastor Noel in Terrier Rouge. 

We will also be taking funds to help get an orphanage built on land that was bought 2 years ago.  It is an exciting event - to see the beginnings of this project.

I am anxious to see our friends there and to spend time with the children who visit the house we stay at, loving and hugging them! 

Please pray for this trip and our team of 14, from Maine, Maryland, and Utah. 

I pray we may be open to God's leading and that He will use us in ways we never dreamed of.

Blessings ~