Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Having a "Daughter"

Nearly 29 years ago, God blessed us with a child - a son.  I always felt that my second pregnancy in 1987 was a girl, but it ended before we could know.  I had hoped for a daughter or a special girl to come into my life with whom I could share my love of crafting. 

Last year we hosted a foreign exchange student, JJ, from Thailand.  It seemed that she bonded more easily with my husband and that we didn't share common interests.  JJ returned to us this year for another year of American schooling and the opportunity to learn English better. She has spent a lot of her free time of the computer, but recently complained that she was bored and wanted to do something else.  I suggested cross stitch. She is hooked!  It is so exciting to sit here in the evenings stitching together.  She has motivated me to get out my projects that have been sitting too long waiting to be finished. It was so fun to listen to her as she looked though some of my old cross stitch magazines finding all kinds of projects she wants to do. My heart was dancing with joy.
She has already finished her first project (above) and is now working on her second and more complicated one!

What a blessing to realize that God has answered a few of my desires that I hadn't thought of in awhile. I used to be sad that I would never be called "mom" by any other child aside from our son since we were not able to have more children. I've been given that opportunity again through having JJ here - I am "Mom" again. Also, I have that daughter to share crafting with.  Thank you, Father!